Didn't get the job? What's next?

Have you ever interviewed with a company, had a great conversation with the recruiter, connected perfectly with the hiring manager, browsed the company website, and started to imagine what your day to day would be like with this new company? After you’ve mentally checked out from your current position, have you received the dreaded “It was a pleasure meeting you, but unfortunately at this time we will not be moving forward with your candidacy” email? How terrible is that?! You’ve jumped through every hoop and dotted every “i” only to be told you will not be joining the team? What’s next?! Well, my first tip is pretty simple and harmless. Ask why. I’m sure you’d like to know, so why not ask? Believe it or not, recruiters/hiring managers do have reasons for their actions, so why not pick their brains? Ask “What is the reason why we cannot move forward?” or “What can I do going forward to prepare myself better for similar positions?”; nine out of 10 times you will receive an answer as to why. Inquiring more from a company shows that you were serious about the position and that you are open to constructive criticism. Go the extra mile and ask for feedback. If you don’t receive a response, this company most likely isn’t for you. If you do receive a response, use the feedback to move forward. When interviewing with Surf Wave Tech we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships and communicating in a quick and professional manner, as well as being as transparent as possible. Some reasons why we may not immediately hire a person could be a number of things, but the most common reasons are lack of relevant experience, outdated experience, or absence of senior engineering experience.

Surf Wave Tech's consultants are based in North America but have traveled to Europe, India, South America, and more providing senior perspectives on various McAfee products, troubleshooting configuration issues, along with leading deployments to large organizations, and planning and guiding a client through long and short term security projects. In order for us to add to our internal team, we have to be certain that these consultants are capable of planning, deploying, and maintaining McAfee products independently, and efficiently. It is crucial that all of our employees have the ability to act as a Subject Matter Expert to our clients. With our flexible schedules and can-do attitudes, our consultants have become one of the top leaders of innovation for Network Security. “I interviewed with Surf Wave Tech and wasn’t offered a position”. No worries! There’s plenty of resources available to get you up to speed and rolling! 1. Join a LinkedIn group. There’s plenty of Network Security groups that go over day-to-day issues that fellow engineers come across in the field. There are also McAfee product-specific groups on LinkedIn that go over implementations, best practices, and common configuration errors. Check those out!

2. Attend a certification class. Whether it’s online or in-person (when there isn't a global pandemic going on), additional training is always a good idea. There are free resources like YouTube, and paid programs you can attend to help improve your engineering skills.

Browse some online classes: ( ) And get certified. Again, attending a class is always beneficial, but obtaining a certification in a specific product shows dedication.

To schedule a McAfee certification exam visit:

3. Update your resume. Show off your work! Include all of your training classes, your certifications, any additional hands-on work you’ve done independently, or in a sandbox environment. Always include product-specific buzz-words for your resume to be picked up by Boolean searches.

4. Reach out and apply to Surf Wave again!

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