GDPR vs. Big Data

As predicted Big data has been booming. As your business begins to get on board there are several things to consider. Data collection, storage, management processes and most importantly securing your data. Establishing the right practices and principles to protect your information will keep you a step ahead from unwanted hackers.

 When you are creating data management strategies you need to be sure to factor in data security and privacy protocols should be at the very top of your priority list. With GDPR in full swing it is imperative to comply with the latest rules and regulations regarding privacy.

It is mandatory to have a clear structured plan in place to implement security analytics to help protect your data. Raffael Marty (data security expert) says that your business should never introduce any aspects of data security by choosing algorithms or products to solve issues.

Many CIO’s and Security advisors may have background knowledge when it comes to the implementation of big data, but can still potentially face issues in overcoming obstacles. Here are a few points to consider:

1.   Implement a data management strategy

2.   Ensure you’re compliant with all data privacy laws

3.   Make sure your business is ready for the introduction of GDPR

4.   Have a clear data security strategy in place

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