How To Stay Motivated When Job Hunting During A Pandemic

Corona Virus has become one of the biggest nightmares for everyone across the globe. There are more than one explanation of why people are panicking from the pandemic. From hoarding of food items to unemployment and job hunting, COVID 19 has serious implications over humanity other than the alarming medical consequences. However, Surf Wave Tech is here to guide you on staying motivated when job hunting during coronavirus pandemic. Let’s face it! Out of all the negativity and depression around us, we must remember that everything in this world comes as an opportunity and threat at the same time for different people. It just depends on the way we look at it and face it.

“What’s normal for a spider is chaos for a fly”

Job hunting these days perfectly fit the spider and fly analogy. While there have been reports of businesses shutting down, resources getting laid off, and no new opportunities, actual facts are that there are still companies hiring during the pandemic. You do not have to take a step back in your career just yet.

The very first thing you need to understand is that on a positive note, the Corona Virus has actually opened up new opportunities for us. While some companies are laying off and furloughing, new opportunities are still waiting for you. This pandemic has forced the majority of the world to move to digital platforms to keep their businesses running. Certain organizations, industries, and businesses have reported tremendous profits during COVID 19 lockdown. Therefore, there is no reason for us to stop job hunting during coronavirus pandemic. All we need to do is think outside the box and this time, the box is not that complex to get out of.

This time, it’s about believing in yourself and about understanding the fact that organizations and corporation are finally realizing that they can outsource their work to people residing locally and in other states remotely. It’s about being devoted, determined, and dedicated to learn new skills or polish existing ones through online platforms and then do the job hunting.

Trust me, the world still needs people like you.

Be it freelancing, be it working from home for some employer in your state, or be it working from home for some employer in any other country, businesses need to run and survive. The biggest motivation for you right now is also the biggest motivation for CEO’s across the globe. The amount might differ, but the thirst to live on is still there.

So move on and change the filters of your job searching platforms from local to nationwide. Try using “Telecommute” or “Remote Only” in your keyword terms. Look into freelancing and consulting opportunities. Think big and earn big. While you can’t see COVID 19 with your naked eyes, you can still see yourself and your abilities. You can either Netflix and Chill, or learn a new skill. You can either cry about being unemployed or do something to get deployed.

"It takes courage to survive and self-belief to have courage."- Kiana Parks

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